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Fall Themed Stationary Sets

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Hi all,

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been working on some new items for the shop. These pieces of stationary I created are an update to an ‘older model’ I previously made. If you recall, those included a pen but didn’t have a closing flap to them. Also, the designs were more intricate and I wanted to go back to simple lines and less dimension in my patterns. I also thought a simple gold heart was a perfect embellishment to the patterns. On the basic black and white set, I added a large arrow embellishment for some contrast.

These pads measure just about 3.25″ x 3.25″.

Here’s a look at some the of the gorgeous fall patterns I selected for the stationary this season.







Mini Composition Books

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Hi all,

I have been cranking away on a fun new item for the shop! These composition books are absolutely adorable and once I started creating a set, I immediately had the desire to create another..and then another…and so on.

I feel like I’m somewhat of an old soul when it comes to note-taking and memo-writing. I will more than likely grab a sheet of paper and a pen before I grab my cell phone to take notes. These books are ideal for such a purpose in my life.

They measure just about 3.25 inches by 4.5″ with a stitched binding and line-ruled paper.

You may remember that I created several of these in the past and they immediately sold out – I don’t know what took me so long to design new sets, but I am so glad that I did.

Here are the new sets that I have listed and am currently using in my own office space as well.





Craft Room Tour Embossing Powder Storage

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Hi all,

I’m back with a quick idea on how to store some of those loose powders, glitters or small embellishments in your craft space. I am always on the hunt for something that doubles as both tidy and functional when it comes to organizing my craft room. My room doubles as an office space so I like everything labeled and put away when not in use.

When I came across these little containers from Advantus I immediately knew how I could put them to use. I decided to dump all the varying sizes and shapes on embossing powders into these jars. I gave each a label on the sides and on top of the lid to let me know the brand and shade I had in each and then stacked them 3 high in a little cubby I have above my desk.

Here’s a closer look at these containers.

Although they do come in several different colors, I enjoy seeing the color of the powders come through and thought clear would be better suited for my space. I purchased mine here.

For those of you who are looking for a clean and tidy way to organize your space. I highly recommend this solution.



Kraft Envelopes For Party Favors

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Hi all,

So it seems that wedding season and times of formal parties all happen during the summer. Today I wanted to create a little project to embellish the thought of party favor bags.

To start I grabbed a roll of my favorite kraft paper and cut several (hundred) dies of this bag template. It included score marks which made it easier to figure out where to fold every flap.

How darling is the bag itself!? To embellish them I have several of these doily type adhesive embellishments in my stash. I slowly separated them out to create bundles of envelopes to package up.


Here they are ready to go. They can be used with the gusset, which makes them stand up on their own. Or they can be used flat if you pinch the bottom.

I’m so in love with all things kraft and white so you bet I’ll be making many more of these in the near future!