12 Month Whimsical Garden Calendar

By Planner Stationary & Accessories

Hi all,

It’s been a super long hiatus! But I’m happy to be back in the craft room working away on all new projects. While I was away from blogging, I was working on ways to organize and clean up my desk space. Towards the end of last year, I started using month-view calendars to help keep track of blog posts and other social media posts. I have a planner, but I wanted to have a monthly glance of the month and potentially something that I could clip up on my wall. I am back and at it! I’m currently in the process of pre-planning my blog posts and some fun DIYs for the year.

I began doing some searching for some fun, colorful and functional calendars, but couldn’t really find one that suited my needs. I slowly began composing one for myself in illustrator and ended up finding that I liked the idea of creating my own planner instead. Over the course of the first few weeks of this month, I created a colorful calendar and have now implemented it into my workspace. I absolutely love it! I especially love that I have an unlimited number of them and can print a duplicate month if I need more room or mess up a page.

Now the best news – This calendar is available for you too! It’s now available in my Etsy store for you to download and incorporate into your workspace as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Have a fantastic day friends!