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Holiday Cards – Day 5

By Cards

Hi All,

I’m back with another holiday project to share with you. Today I switched things up just a little bit and decided to create a trio of embossed and stitched tags for my holiday gifts this season. I love using tags and ribbon to tie off my gifts. This time around I gave it a twist by using some of my washi tapes in lieu of ribbon and added a stitched tag to the gift instead.

I think this is a fun and creative way to label gifts for under the tree and really just uses supplies many crafters and households have on hand. It seems washi is something many people have now as a staple to their office supplies.

Here’s a quick look at how it all came together.

Here’s a look at the trio of tags I created.

Thanks so much for following along with the series, and I’ll see you again real soon with another holiday project for this 2017 season!

Organization Tip on Floss Storage

By Craftroom Storage, Room Decor


Hi All,

I’ve been working away at reorganizing my craft room and destashing some items. Things are looking pretty awesome but along the way I found that I needed to get a little resourceful on the way I was organizing some items. When it comes to ribbon, threads or yarns in a craftroom it is so easy for me to have a big ‘ol tangled mess of fibers. To clean up this area in my craftroom I grabbed just 2 simple supplies and it is by far one of my favorite storage solutions now!

Here’s what I used:
Clear rubber bands
Traditional wooden clothes pin
Clear Jar

Here’s a quick look at how quickly this storage solution comes together.