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Felt Heart Pins

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Hey all,

There’s a part of me that just loves the calming feel of stitching. I wish I was far more advanced at it, but I guess I’m more on that “practice makes perfect” path. I recently had a few friends that have asked me if I could convert some of my plush felt stitched hearts into pins. What a great idea!

I decided to take things a step further by embroidering a little floral arrangement on the hearts as well.

Not only is this great little decor, but oh boy does they stand out with the pin trend that everyone seems to be on lately!

I used a 1.5″ gold bar pin on the backs and adhered them in place. I added some stitching to them just to reinsure they stay put.

These coral beauties measure about 3″ x 3″ and packed with cotton filling.

Kraft Envelopes For Party Favors

By Planner Stationary & Accessories


Hi all,

So it seems that wedding season and times of formal parties all happen during the summer. Today I wanted to create a little project to embellish the thought of party favor bags.

To start I grabbed a roll of my favorite kraft paper and cut several (hundred) dies of this bag template. It included score marks which made it easier to figure out where to fold every flap.

How darling is the bag itself!? To embellish them I have several of these doily type adhesive embellishments in my stash. I slowly separated them out to create bundles of envelopes to package up.


Here they are ready to go. They can be used with the gusset, which makes them stand up on their own. Or they can be used flat if you pinch the bottom.

I’m so in love with all things kraft and white so you bet I’ll be making many more of these in the near future!

A Bridal Meteor Shower! Part 2

By Cards

Hi All,

Welcome back to part two of the Bridal shower extravaganza! As promised I have another element of the bridal shower to share with you today.

After creating the shower invitations, the next project was to create a coordinating favor tag to tie around a mason jar that would eventually become a gift for a guest. The bridal party specifically asked that the diamond and ‘thank you’ be added to the tag.

I decided to go with the same font and use the diamond logo but turn it on it’s side. 

Here’s a glance at a tag on it’s own


Next, the bridal party worked on the favor and assembling the components together. Check out the galaxy themed fabric they used! It’s great when a plan comes together =)



Next, I wanted to makes sure the tag worked with any size jar, so I tried it on a 16oz. jar.


And here’s the actual favor. They filled the jars with some REALLY yummy homemade granola (that got devoured pretty quickly in our house).


Overall, I thought it came together pretty great with the rest of the decor the girls used at the shower. I wish I had taken a photo, but I completely missed that opportunity. Oh well! I was too busy catching up with friends and enjoying my afternoon. Time well spent in my opinion.

Stay tuned to for the last part of this series – A gift to the beautiful bride-to-be, my friend, Dayle Lang! It is by far my favorite part of this series!

See ya tomorrow ~JS