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Felt Heart Pins

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Hey all,

There’s a part of me that just loves the calming feel of stitching. I wish I was far more advanced at it, but I guess I’m more on that “practice makes perfect” path. I recently had a few friends that have asked me if I could convert some of my plush felt stitched hearts into pins. What a great idea!

I decided to take things a step further by embroidering a little floral arrangement on the hearts as well.

Not only is this great little decor, but oh boy does they stand out with the pin trend that everyone seems to be on lately!

I used a 1.5″ gold bar pin on the backs and adhered them in place. I added some stitching to them just to reinsure they stay put.

These coral beauties measure about 3″ x 3″ and packed with cotton filling.

Valentine’s Day Cards – HeartFelt Animals

By Cards

Hi All,

Did you catch the pun in the title there? These adorable cards were created using felt animals that share a common ‘heart’ shaped theme. I didn’t want to over-think these cards too much and just wanted to fun animals to take center stage.

I used a dry embossing technique and added embossed hearts to the background and added a fun animal to each card. I didn’t have many Valentine’s Day sentiments that were kid friendly (kisses, xoxo, extreme declarations of love etc..just seems a little too much for my style). So I just kept things super simple.

Here they are!




These cards measure 3×3″ and are just the right size to hand out in classrooms with a little treat! I made some cards last year with these felt-friends and they were a huge hit! They just had to make a reappearance this year.