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Magnetic Display Clips Galore!

By Craftroom Storage, Planner Stationary & Accessories, Room Decor

Hi All,

Every year around the holiday’s I seem to become a hoarder. I love to display and keep a majority of the cards and photos we receive and pin them up on the fridge or a mirror to enjoy throughout the season. I’m sure this year will be no different…but now I am prepped with these cute clips rather than dull, plastic, geometrically shaped magnets. Each of these clips have a magnetic back and are so fun to look at.

I have WAY more than what is displayed here. Look out for these at the upcoming craft fair and on Etsy.

Decorative Magnet Clips

Handmade Flowers For Handmade Wreaths

By Room Decor

Hey all,

As promised I’m here today with an entirely new project. It’s something a little outside the norm but entirely handmade. As many of you may know, yarn wreaths are totally ‘in’ right now. You can surf through Pinterest and find hundreds of different styles and techniques to making a nice big wreath for your front door or home decor. But there are absolutely no posts (or should i say ‘pins’) on making them miniature. I wanted to make some small ones that could be used to decorate smaller knick-knacks around the house.

I made a quick trip to our local craft store for some yarn and felt…and got to work. Here’s the finished project!



I experimented with some stiff felt to create the flowers you see here. Also, I love to distress things and inked up some of the flowers for a more vintage look (yes they were all originally white)!

Here’s another look at those flowers.



And guess what? I just may have a few extras too.

I’ve got more projects lined up to share with you tomorrow. See you then! =)