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Hello Note Cards Floral Series No.3

By Cards, Planner Stationary & Accessories

Hello All,

I’m back with the next set of ‘hello’ notecards. I’ve noticed that palm leaves are EVERYWHERE these days in shops. Have you noticed the bold print in some form at your local department stores? I can seem to find a pineapple theme or palm leaves in almost every type of shop there is. I decided to go with that trend and create some notecards featuring that exact theme. Unlike the previous notecards I shared, these are not printed on vellum, but rather on a lightly textured cardstock. I love how the color scheme is rather simple and that there are just touches of green and gold on an otherwise monotone type card.

Here’s a closer look!

These cards measure 4.25″ x 5.5″ and have a side fold – which makes them perfect for mailing! The interior is left blank and is perfect for writing a personalized note.

Watercolor Brush Techniques and Washes – Part 2

By Cards

Hi all,

I’m by no means advanced in the realm of watercolor, but I thought it would be a great place to start and give myself a bit of a challenge.

Today’s lesson was JAM PACKED with more ideas on brush techniques and washes. I wanted to try my hands at some leaves and the wet-to-wet technique. I wet the paper in a leaf shape and then used wet pigment to drop in the color. Here I used Prussian Blue and Yellow Green from my Sakura Koi set. I used variations of the colors to achieve different leaves each time around.

This was my result.


Here’s a closer look at all the variations of color. Again, I’m pretty much a beginner with watercolors and just playing with the medium. I’m hoping to incorporate more washes and techniques into future cardmaking.


Hope this quick post inspires you to try something a little new today! Have a fantastic week friends!