Bow Sticker Embellishments

By Planner Stationary & Accessories

Hi all,

In about a month or so, I will be joining many other vendors at a local craft show. I wanted to begin early and create some fun elements that individuals could use on their own projects at home! Bows are a huge trend right now and I thought what better thing to have on hand then some dimensional bows!

Here I’ve created a variety pack of patterns that are already on an adhesive back. All you have to do is peel and stick.


I’ve discovered that many individuals don’t know exactly what each item is. They love what they see, but aren’t sure of it’s intended purpose – which is funny because in the craft world ANYTHING goes! Honestly, I wish I could stop and talk to each person but that’s just not practical. To solve the problem, I decided to create product labels for all my merchandise. Here’s another look at the merchandise!


These adorable sets are now on sale at my Etsy store!