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A Bridal Meteor Shower! Part 2

By Cards

Hi All,

Welcome back to part two of the Bridal shower extravaganza! As promised I have another element of the bridal shower to share with you today.

After creating the shower invitations, the next project was to create a coordinating favor tag to tie around a mason jar that would eventually become a gift for a guest. The bridal party specifically asked that the diamond and ‘thank you’ be added to the tag.

I decided to go with the same font and use the diamond logo but turn it on it’s side. 

Here’s a glance at a tag on it’s own


Next, the bridal party worked on the favor and assembling the components together. Check out the galaxy themed fabric they used! It’s great when a plan comes together =)



Next, I wanted to makes sure the tag worked with any size jar, so I tried it on a 16oz. jar.


And here’s the actual favor. They filled the jars with some REALLY yummy homemade granola (that got devoured pretty quickly in our house).


Overall, I thought it came together pretty great with the rest of the decor the girls used at the shower. I wish I had taken a photo, but I completely missed that opportunity. Oh well! I was too busy catching up with friends and enjoying my afternoon. Time well spent in my opinion.

Stay tuned to for the last part of this series – A gift to the beautiful bride-to-be, my friend, Dayle Lang! It is by far my favorite part of this series!

See ya tomorrow ~JS

A Bridal Meteor Shower! Part 1

By Cards

Hi All,

Today I can finally start a series of posts for a super fun project I was secretly working on the past few weeks. A super sweet friend of mine, Dayle Lang, is getting married and I had the honor of creating her bridal shower invitations, some party favor decor and a little extra surprise specifically for the bride.

When the bridal party contacted me in regard to creating Dayle’s shower invites, I was super pumped! We all knew the Dayle’s not a frilly,  pink-with-lace type of gal so nothing like that was appropriate for this occasion. After the bridal party did some brainstorming, they came up with a pretty awesome theme – a galaxy! I knew it was a great idea as soon as I heard it. They weren’t talking about about large planets with rings, five-point stars or rockets bursting into outer space. This was more about supernovas, shooting stars, meteors, and those beautiful collisions of purple, blue, black and grey colors. Seriously, just spectacular!

As I was searching around for inspiration on the entire theme, I released what I was looking for just didn’t exist. We wanted to METEOR shower the bride. With some great inspiration in fonts and styles from Etsy and some color research on Google – I recruited a volunteer/employee (aka my awesome husband) to do some photoshop magic for me.

Here’s the collaborative result: Notice the shower in the background? Yep, totally planned.


I took his design and dressed it up on some silver Bazzil card stock before wrapping it all up to drop off to the bridal party.

Here they are ready to go! I snapped a quick picture on my phone before sending them off to the bridal party for addresses and stamps!


Tomorrow, we’ll talk party favors. They were also a collaborative project that I think turned out pretty great! See you tomorrow! =)