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DIY Decorative Pencils & Box

By Planner Stationary & Accessories

Hi All,

It’s that time of the year when we wave goodbye to that cold winter weather and embrace some nice warmth. And as we do so, we slowly begin to clean out our old items from the previous year and start making room for new items. In the spirit of spring cleaning I found a BUNCH of kid-themed pencils I believe I purchased a few years ago. You know the ones…they are covered in words, cartoons and down right distracting!

Oddly, this project idea came to me during the middle of the night. After finding them I was trying to figure out a way to make them more appealing. This got me to think of ways to give these pencils a face-lift. Here’s what I came up with as my finished project.


Pretty cute, huh? It was helpful that these pencils had a nice white eraser so basically any pattern or theme will work.


First I grouped up  my pencils in sets of 3. I knew I wanted to create small boxed gift sets. Each pencil was sanded down to remove its previous covering. Honestly, that task is a little time consuming, but it’s not difficult to do.  Next, I cut down sheets of thin patterned papers. The papers for these type of pencils measured 1.25″ x 6.75″.

Once all my papers were cut, I used mod podge with a mat finish to roll & seal the designs.

The boxes were cut using my silhouette & I added an image of the coordinating pencil to the front. I also embellished each box with some faux stitching & the back side is adorned with gold washi tape.

Pencil CloseUp

*Tip 1 – Do not try to sharpen the pencils right away. Give the adhesive some time to harden. It will make the process much easier!

*Tip 2 – If you are a fan of sanding, try distressing a previous patterned pencil. Notice the blue pencils here? They were all sanded down lightly to give a distressed look. After sanding use a soft cloth to remove any access dust and then reseal with mod podge.

Group Shot Pencils

I seriously love the way these turned out! They currently live on my desk & are used to sketch out card designs and I use them on my weekly planner. It seriously livens up a work space so much. I bet they’d make a great “basket stuffer” for easter or a small gift for mother’s day.

Seriously – give this project a try. I made enough to share with you so feel free to let me know if you’d like me to send you some!