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Craft Room Tour Embossing Powder Storage

By Craftroom Storage


Hi all,

I’m back with a quick idea on how to store some of those loose powders, glitters or small embellishments in your craft space. I am always on the hunt for something that doubles as both tidy and functional when it comes to organizing my craft room. My room doubles as an office space so I like everything labeled and put away when not in use.

When I came across these little containers from Advantus I immediately knew how I could put them to use. I decided to dump all the varying sizes and shapes on embossing powders into these jars. I gave each a label on the sides and on top of the lid to let me know the brand and shade I had in each and then stacked them 3 high in a little cubby I have above my desk.

Here’s a closer look at these containers.

Although they do come in several different colors, I enjoy seeing the color of the powders come through and thought clear would be better suited for my space. I purchased mine here.

For those of you who are looking for a clean and tidy way to organize your space. I highly recommend this solution.



Washi Tape Craftroom Storage Idea

By Craftroom Storage, Room Decor

Hi Friends!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I recently changed up my entire office space. I gave it a fresh coat of paint, some new fabrics and drapes & changed out containers to better suite the space. Throughout the process, I’ve been trying to find unique pieces to create storage. I’m a huge fan of thrift store finds and was on the lookout for some pieces for my space or future projects!

I found two items on 2 different occasions.

First, I found an old ornate looking shelf. \\click here to read that post\\


A few months later, I found a box that looked alot like a letter type box or a configuration box. I’m not entirely sure what its intended purpose was.


I designed a Christmas configuration box a while ago and thought maybe this piece could function in a similar way. \\Click here to view the configuration box I made for Christmas.\\

As I was reorganizing this week, I figured it was time to get this piece painted. I grabbed a can of my all time favorite spray paint by American Accents and gave the piece a couple coats of spray paint. Immediately I thought of a FANTASTIC purpose for the piece. “I wonder if this would fit a roll of tape,” I thought.


Guess what? It totally does! These tapes used to take up 3 jars in my space. How crazy is that?!


Oh, my crafty heart!


I decided to pair the piece up with my other shelf.

I can’t believe how fantastic these two pieces turned out! Seriously friends, if you haven’t checked out your local thrift store for some awesome storage finds…you should! Keep in mind that a fresh coat of paint can change an entire piece!

~Happy hunting!

Craft Room Ideas – Stamp Storage

By Craftroom Storage

Good afternoon all!

I hope everyone is having a nice & relaxing summer. I have been enjoying time outside, trying out new recipes from the  kitchen & getting some long overdue reading done. But, as you can probably note by the title of the post, I have also been working in my craft room. Today I wanted to share with you a system of storage that i’ve created for my room. I know there are literally hundreds of video’s and ideas out there.

I am currently using a dupe for the Avery Elle Stamp Storage envelopes that are sold online. I also love the idea of fridge bins like some other crafters have, however, those bins just don’t fit in my space. So, I had to come up with my own plan of attack.

Here’s what I came up with. This storage is by far my favorite. I have tried other types similar to a clip-it-up and even storing in a binder, but I find that this is the easiest way for me to find a set & then put them away quite easily as well. It has saved me SO much clean up time, I can’t even begin to express how awesome that aspect of this system is. Feel free to give this system a try and let comment below to let me know how it goes.

Click to watch the How-To on my stamp storage:


Small zip top bags 4″ x 6″

Small bag inserts 3.75″ x 5.75″ (purchased at

Large zip top bags: 6″ x 9.5″

Large bag inserts 5.5″ x 8.5″

Corner Chomper

1″ binder ring

KASSET Ikea storage boxes

P-touch (by Brothers) Label Maker

Hole Punch (if bags are not already punched)