Tri-Folding Birthday Card

By Cards

Hi All,

I’m back with another quick update on a project I worked on today. I was so thrilled to finally get back to card making & decided I would sit down a film a how-to video on this card! I have the footage all ready to edit & will likely have that posted up for tomorrow.

For now, here’s the finished style of the card. It’s a tri-fold card, meaning it has 3 folds. This is how it looks when the flaps are all closed.


Then you slowly open each layer to reveal more fun!


And when you flip open the last flap – there’s a nice big sentiment (and it’s a pretty special one too)!


Tomorrow’s video will give you an idea on how to create a card like this one & a coordinating envelope too! Can’t wait to show you how this card came together. See you tomorrow!

A Bridal Meteor Shower! Part 3

By Cards

Hi all,

I’m super excited to share the last and final part of the series with you. This one was totally inspired by a gift I once received from a friend/co-worker when I was a bride-to-be. She gifted me a gorgeous handcrafted box with an enclosed set of monogrammed thank you cards. I definitely had it in mind while I was creating.

First, I wanted to create a card to the bride that would eventually be signed by the bridal party. I wanted to keep with the theme when writing the sentiment so I used “infinite love”. I got to tell you, I went through A BUNCH of words and eventually started sounding like Buzz Lightyear talking to star command. Thankfully, I kept it simple.

Here’s what the graphic looked like using elements from the original invitation.



Next, I wanted to create a graphic that would be used for the thank you cards Dayle could potentially use to send out to her guests. This one was simple.


Next, I created 2 coordinating boxes that could be used to house all of the pieces to the project.

I will have a step-by-step tutorial on this next week! 

Here is what the boxes looked like. The little one holds the thank-you-favor-tags and the other’s to hold Dayle’s thank you cards to guests.BoxOutside1


I created a belly-band with a flower embellishment to wrap around the box (basically to help it stay closed). Then, I slid the “bride-to-be” card under the band.


Here’s a quick glace at the card after it was assembled. I gave it a blue and purple matting around the edge to coordinate with the overall scheme.


And here is the final project and all it’s components! It included a card to the bride, a stack of blank thank you cards, a stack of thank you tags, 2 gift boxes and a coordinating pen!


Overall, it was a super fun project to work. I hope you enjoyed following along and can’t wait to share additional projects with you! Congrats to Dayle Lang and best wishes to you on your upcoming wedding day!

Stay tuned for all new projects next week. Have a great weekend!