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Washi Tape Craftroom Storage Idea

By Craftroom Storage, Room Decor

Hi Friends!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I recently changed up my entire office space. I gave it a fresh coat of paint, some new fabrics and drapes & changed out containers to better suite the space. Throughout the process, I’ve been trying to find unique pieces to create storage. I’m a huge fan of thrift store finds and was on the lookout for some pieces for my space or future projects!

I found two items on 2 different occasions.

First, I found an old ornate looking shelf. \\click here to read that post\\


A few months later, I found a box that looked alot like a letter type box or a configuration box. I’m not entirely sure what its intended purpose was.


I designed a Christmas configuration box a while ago and thought maybe this piece could function in a similar way. \\Click here to view the configuration box I made for Christmas.\\

As I was reorganizing this week, I figured it was time to get this piece painted. I grabbed a can of my all time favorite spray paint by American Accents and gave the piece a couple coats of spray paint. Immediately I thought of a FANTASTIC purpose for the piece. “I wonder if this would fit a roll of tape,” I thought.


Guess what? It totally does! These tapes used to take up 3 jars in my space. How crazy is that?!


Oh, my crafty heart!


I decided to pair the piece up with my other shelf.

I can’t believe how fantastic these two pieces turned out! Seriously friends, if you haven’t checked out your local thrift store for some awesome storage finds…you should! Keep in mind that a fresh coat of paint can change an entire piece!

~Happy hunting!

Thrifting Treasures!

By Craftroom Storage, Room Decor

Hi all,

Today I have something a little outside the “norm” for my blog. As some of my friends know, lately I have been into visiting the thrift store to look for projects I can refurbish. I already finished several projects and they have been a hit with friends. As I begin to do more projects, I have decided to document them on the blog to show you just how awesome a little do-it-yourself project can turn out.

For today’s thrift store find, I found this beautiful shelf at my local thrift store.

Shelf Before - prepped to paint

It was in great condition and had just a few minor distressed marks on it. I thought it gave the piece a little character and didn’t mind them at all. I used some lemon all purpose cleaner to remove some debris and dust. I didn’t need to sand it or do any additional work.  Truly, it was in ready-to-paint condition. I gave it about two coats of white spray paint.

Shelf Painted - Ready for embellishments

Thankfully the paint dried pretty quickly and the fumes faded out in a few hours. Next, I used some contact paper and embellishments to dress up the entire unit.

Shelf - All Finished!

Here it is! I can’t believe how easy this project was for me. Usually there is some serious back-end work involved before I can get a refurbished piece to look this way. I’m quite happy with this piece and think it looks just as fabulous in person.

Shelf - After

If you’re interested in some unique pieces for your home – check out the local thrift store. You never know what you’ll find!

Happy thrifting!