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Holiday Place Card Holder

By Cards

Hi all!

As we quickly approach the start of a beautiful holiday season, I thought I’d share a quick project for those of you who are looking to dress up your table-scape this Thanksgiving (or Christmas). This is a quick and easy idea for those work/dinner/church/just-for-fun type parties coming up this winter.


Here’s what you need to do:


Cutting shears – something that will cut through twigs/small branches

Regular Cutting Scissors

Hot glue gun – or any type of strong adhesive

Paper – holiday themed craft paper

Twine– optional



1) Grab your cutting shears and head outside and gather up some sticks, branches, pine needles, foliage. Beware of thorns or critters đŸ˜‰


2.) Trim down your branches and foliage to the size you desire.


3.) Trim off all those little needles to reveal just a branch. I used branches from pine bushes but if you have a bare tree, those branches work just as well.


4.) Trim down the branches to your 3″ – 4″ lengths.


5.) “Sandwich” 2 sticks together and adhere with a dot of hot glue on both ends. Add in a small bit of foliage to one side and again adhere with a dot of glue. You can also tie it all in with using twine.


*** Note, I’m not sure how long these will sit considering they are made of natural elements. Mine were created over 24 hours ago, and are still in perfect condition.

Hope you give this project a try! Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall Themed Notecards

By Cards, Planner Stationary & Accessories

Hi All,

For today’s project I wanted to create a card that could be used as a name card or place card holder at thanksgiving dinner. I like these because they are small enough to not be entirely ‘in the way’ of everything else that is on a table, but they are definitely bold enough to make an impression. I have 2 different color schemes that I created, and I really can’t choose which one is my favorite. P.S. there’s something about burlap that I love!



Even if these aren’t used during thanksgiving, they make great tags to attach to a gift.


Handmade Flowers For Handmade Wreaths

By Room Decor

Hey all,

As promised I’m here today with an entirely new project. It’s something a little outside the norm but entirely handmade. As many of you may know, yarn wreaths are totally ‘in’ right now. You can surf through Pinterest and find hundreds of different styles and techniques to making a nice big wreath for your front door or home decor. But there are absolutely no posts (or should i say ‘pins’) on making them miniature. I wanted to make some small ones that could be used to decorate smaller knick-knacks around the house.

I made a quick trip to our local craft store for some yarn and felt…and got to work. Here’s the finished project!



I experimented with some stiff felt to create the flowers you see here. Also, I love to distress things and inked up some of the flowers for a more vintage look (yes they were all originally white)!

Here’s another look at those flowers.



And guess what? I just may have a few extras too.

I’ve got more projects lined up to share with you tomorrow. See you then! =)

Experimenting with SCAL2

By Cards


Hi all,

Today I’d like to share a card I made using a software called Sure Cuts A Lot 2 (SCAL2). SCAL really opens a whole new door of images and designing by allowing me to trace drawings as well as design my own images in Illustrator and then cut them on my Cricut.

I wanted to try making a thanksgiving card that wasn’t traditional. I didn’t want to create a simple pumpkin or turkey card, but more of a harvest theme. I found an image online and used SCAL to trace the image. It was a bit time consuming to fit the pieces together like a puzzle but I am happy with the way it turned out.

This was purely experimental as I wanted to know just how detailed I could get with the images I trace or create. Next time I may use less detail – but it was a great learning experience.Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for visiting!