Birthday Balloons with Iron-Off Technique

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BalloonHi everyone!

I’m back with another card featuring the use of heat embossing. As I’ve been taking on the HeatWave class over at OnlineCardClasses and have been enjoying breaking out these powders for some fun takes on cards. For this

For this card, I wanted to use the iron-off technique as an alternative method in masking off my stamping. I first stamped the images I wanted to be in the foreground and then added a clear embossing over them. Then, I continued stamping my image being sure to overlap the embossed images. Since the embossing powder is sleek it resists ink and therefore made the second set of stamped images look like they are behind the first. To remove ink off of the clear embossed images I simply used a baby wipe and cleaned off as much ink as I could.

To iron-off the embossing powder, I sandwiched my project between a towel and a piece of paper. As I ironed over my project the embossing powder melts itself again and sticks to the scrap paper rather and removes itself entirely from the project. This leaves just the stamping and vibrant colors to show.

I love this technique in that it is an easy method at masking and is pretty precise at it as well. To finish the project off I added some detailed stamping and trimmed down my stamped piece.

Here’s a look at how the entire project came together.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Feel free to leave any questions or comments on projects you would like to see in the future!

How to Create Envelopes

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Hi Everyone!

As promised, I’m back with a continuation to my previous post on folding cards. I mentioned I would share a how-to video on creating quick envelopes for standard size cards. To refresh your memory, here’s a picture of the folding card & envelopes…envelopes

I have 2 different methods to create this card.

Method One: Martha Stewart Scoring Board (or a ruler and something to mark your page)
Step 1) Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to 8.5″ x 8.5″
Step 2) Turn the paper so it is in a diagnol shape (or use the tool provided for with the board)
Step 3) Score your paper at 3″ rotate & score it again at 3 5/8″ (then repeat for the other 2 sides).
Step 4) Add some glue and adhere your envelope together.

Method 2: Digital Cut File – I used silhouette studio
Step 1) Cut your envelope template
Step 2) Crease your folds
Step 3)  Add some glue and adhere your envelope together.

Although both methods produce the same result, I tend to lean towards using the digital cut file to create my envelopes. It is a great way to mass produce envelopes when you are in a time crunch.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful! Feel free to leave comments or questions =)

See you next time!

Tri-Folding Birthday Card

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Hi All,

I’m back with another quick update on a project I worked on today. I was so thrilled to finally get back to card making & decided I would sit down a film a how-to video on this card! I have the footage all ready to edit & will likely have that posted up for tomorrow.

For now, here’s the finished style of the card. It’s a tri-fold card, meaning it has 3 folds. This is how it looks when the flaps are all closed.


Then you slowly open each layer to reveal more fun!


And when you flip open the last flap – there’s a nice big sentiment (and it’s a pretty special one too)!


Tomorrow’s video will give you an idea on how to create a card like this one & a coordinating envelope too! Can’t wait to show you how this card came together. See you tomorrow!