Tri-Folding Birthday Card

By March 25, 2015February 19th, 2016Cards

Hi All,

I’m back with another quick update on a project I worked on today. I was so thrilled to finally get back to card making & decided I would sit down a film a how-to video on this card! I have the footage all ready to edit & will likely have that posted up for tomorrow.

For now, here’s the finished style of the card. It’s a tri-fold card, meaning it has 3 folds. This is how it looks when the flaps are all closed.


Then you slowly open each layer to reveal more fun!


And when you flip open the last flap – there’s a nice big sentiment (and it’s a pretty special one too)!


Tomorrow’s video will give you an idea on how to create a card like this one & a coordinating envelope too! Can’t wait to show you how this card came together. See you tomorrow!