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Gold Foil Labels and Printable Resources

Hey all,

There are days in my life where there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. The days are filled with errand running and work while the evenings are full of fun-filled events and nights out of the house. Lately, it seems that many individuals/families in my life are in celebration mode. Many are celebrating engagements, weddings, baby showers, milestone birthdays and the list goes on and on. As a crafter, I would honestly have loved to create a handmade card or gift for each and every one of them, but time seems to slip away. So, as many of my friends may have experienced in my gift giving in the past year or so I “cheat” my way through semi-handmade items to include with my gifts. One major way I like to add a quick personal touch is to create fun gift-wrapping and labels.

I like to find some fun decorative papers – I’m a huge fan of Rifle Paper Co. and specialty papers, but I’ve got to admit that Tj Maxx and Marshalls are turning into close contenders as well. They always have high-quality papers with amazing designs! Go check them out if you are in need of some wrapping papers.

For labels, I like to print out some DIY patterns offered by other artists online. I have a few ‘go-to’ designers that I love.

Gooseberry Moon Print Design (Website) – This site is amazing for elegant botanical print designs. The designer has amazing skills! She is even so kind as to give fans a free printable via email and I am in love with it! I simply print it out on cardstock using a laser printer and then run it through my laminator to achieve gold foiled labels! So pretty and elegant and super easy to do! (Click here for a link to free printable)

Here’s another one from Gooseberry Moon (Click here for a link to free printable). Again I like to gold foil my tags so here’s what they look like foiled. If you don’t have a foiling machine, she has beautiful pictures of other color combinations you can use. Check it out!

Some other resources for free tag printables are:

The Wedding Chicks – love these fun colorful faux watercolor backgrounds. Tip: I love using solid craft wrapping paper and using these tags to add a nice pop of color. Try using any solid color paper with these colorful tags for a fun colorful look. (Click here for a link to free printable)

The Cottage Market – For all you monogram lovers this site is the place for you! Try adding a monogram letter to your gift to add a touch of personalization. This site has several resources with fun themes. (Click here for a link to free printables)

Free Pretty Things For You – the name says it all for this one. These printables aren’t necessarily tags, but rather journaling cards. I like adding these to the inside of gifts for a fun little touch for the recipient to open and read. (Click here for a link to free printables)

***Please note that all free printables are solely for personal use and not for resale.

Happy wrapping!