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bridal party

A Bridal Meteor Shower! Part 2

By Cards

Hi All,

Welcome back to part two of the Bridal shower extravaganza! As promised I have another element of the bridal shower to share with you today.

After creating the shower invitations, the next project was to create a coordinating favor tag to tie around a mason jar that would eventually become a gift for a guest. The bridal party specifically asked that the diamond and ‘thank you’ be added to the tag.

I decided to go with the same font and use the diamond logo but turn it on it’s side. 

Here’s a glance at a tag on it’s own


Next, the bridal party worked on the favor and assembling the components together. Check out the galaxy themed fabric they used! It’s great when a plan comes together =)



Next, I wanted to makes sure the tag worked with any size jar, so I tried it on a 16oz. jar.


And here’s the actual favor. They filled the jars with some REALLY yummy homemade granola (that got devoured pretty quickly in our house).


Overall, I thought it came together pretty great with the rest of the decor the girls used at the shower. I wish I had taken a photo, but I completely missed that opportunity. Oh well! I was too busy catching up with friends and enjoying my afternoon. Time well spent in my opinion.

Stay tuned to for the last part of this series – A gift to the beautiful bride-to-be, my friend, Dayle Lang! It is by far my favorite part of this series!

See ya tomorrow ~JS