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DIY ‘Anthropologie’ Globe

By Room Decor

Hi friends!

Check out this amazing DIY!


Anthropologie sells some seriously gorgeous hand-painted globes. Although absolutely stunning, they came with a pretty steep price tag. I’m sure the quality was top notch as most Anthropologie items are, however, being the DIYer that I am I wanted to create my own.

Here’s what I did.


I purchased a little globe (I have a little shelf I wanted to display this on). This one doubles as a pencil sharpener.


I did a little inspection on how the globe was created and found the paper could easily be removed.


I separated the pieces and gave them a couple coats of my favorite spray paints.


Ahhh, now we’re in business! Now to decorate.


Here’s the finished piece next to the piece Anthropologie made. I used my silhouette to create a sentiment and some of my favorite floral stamps for some foliage.

Helpful Hint: If you want to achieve crisp lettering use die-cuts or a gold paint pen with a steady hand!

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