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Color War Inspired Card

By Cards

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and enjoying a few good moments of quality r&r. I’ve been enjoying some quality time with friends, family and the great outdoors. I’ve even spent a good amount of time in the craft room working on projects and filmed a room tour (that still needs to be edited) for you all!

Also, if you’re interested in seeing daily posts about what’s happening in the craftroom then feel free to come join the crafty community over on instagram (jolie_samuel).

Anyway, on to today’s card. Before Pinterest and all these online resources for inspiration hit, I kept a notebook of random images or color schemes that I thought were fun or could potential make a spark a ‘creative jumpstart’ towards making a crafty project. This week I’ve dug out that book and found a page that immediately gave me a “hmmmm” moment. I took that as a challenge and came up with a card (okay, maybe three cards) to share with you today. I know what you’re thinking. A car ad inspired you to make a card!? Yes, absolutely!

I’d love to tell you how I created it, but i’d rather show you. So here’s a video of the entire process. Enjoy.


Here’s a finished set of the balloon cards.


BONUS VIDEO: I made a second card using the same inks & same ad.

How fun is this card!?


Hope you enjoyed watching! We’ll catch up again real soon =)

Have a great weekend friends.