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Embossed Floral Stripes Note Cards

By Cards, Planner Stationary & Accessories

Hi All,

I’m making a switch up from the white cards to a something a bit more different today. These card bases are embossed with tiny dots along the entire front. Truth be told, I struggled with the concept for this card for some time. I really loved the floral pattern, but I wanted to add some more color and didn’t quite know where to add them in. After a ton of brain storming, I decided to add in a textured light turquoise cardstock in small stripes. These stripes measure just about 1/8″. They coordinate perfectly with the small dot size of the embossed background.

This card is so elegantly finished, that I feel it can fit several occasions like bridal showers, wedding, birthday, office note cards and so many more events.

Here’s a look at the interior of the card. Just look at all those teeny tiny dots!

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at this card and I hope to see you next time!

Christmas Giftcard Holders

By Cards, Planner Stationary & Accessories

Hi All,

Today’s post may not be entirely new to some of my readers (I posted a picture of a box of these on my facebook page earlier this fall). These lil’ pockets will hold the average size giftcard and has a flap that folds over to keep contents in. I think they are pretty darling and look totally vintage.

I will be selling these in variety packs at an upcoming craft fair and will have them up on etsy for any who are interested in having an elegant addition to their holiday gifts.

Christmas Gift Card Holders

Classroom Set Valentines – Punny Valentines

By Cards


Hi all,

I’m working on some classroom valentines. Here are some ‘punny’ ones I made featuring some cute dimensional critters, washi tape and a couple of my favorite cardstocks!

The sentiments read:

Will you bee mine? – to use with all bee images

You make my heart flutter! – great to use for any critter with wings

I pick you, Valentine! – to use on any flowers


Thanks for stopping by and see you again real soon!

Valentine’s Gifts – Lollipop Holder

By Cards, Room Decor

Hi All,

I’m always looking for a fun new way to present otherwise ordinary things. This project features 9 embossed red tulips that are incased around a white picket fence. Each flower is actually a lollipop treat for a friend. I had a similar concept going though the holidays with my candy cane gingerbread house .


I used my silhouette electronic cutting machine to cut each of the pieces and then assembled after doing some dry embossing. Then I added a few ribbons and this sentiment as final embellishments. The lollipops were wrapped in red tissue paper before being encased in a paper tulip. I think it adds for extra dimension.  I wish I could hand each of you a rose – they are seriously too cute! I think these would be great as little teacher gifts for Valentine’s Day or as a birthday treat for a student.


Thanks for stopping by and I’ll catch you all next time!