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the blog box

The Blog Box

By Craftroom Storage, Room Decor

Hi Everyone,

I love homemade gifts. I love creative gifts. I love things that help me craft or blog. When all 3 of these ideas blend together – I am in HEAVEN.

My amazingly creative and beautiful friend Dayle Dracy, fellow blogger at Eat Things Make Stuff, gifted me this super creative gift. She calls it “The Blog Box”. Basically it’s a box with a bunch of items that can help you’re creative flow or cure blogger frustrations. I thought the idea was SO creative and loved reading the individual notes added to each item. It’s like a personalized gift basket of awesomeness!

Here’s the outside with a peak of the contents.


Here’s the fun items she included in this box for my blog.

The notes read:

“For when you’re feeling motivated”

“When you have too much to do”

“When your site crashes”

“When you need to reward yourself for an awesome post”

“When you need a little motivation”

When you feel like procrastinatingggggg”


Love it all! Thanks Dayle for an amazing gift and such a creative idea on a holiday gift for a fellow blogger. You rock!

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